Joonas Neuvonen & Sadri Cetinkaya / Finland / 2020 / 98 min / International Premiere
A journey to the end of the night through Thailand and Cambodia, in a dark film that goes from a drug addict’s video diary to a pitch-black murder mystery.

Three Finnish friends set out on a trip to Thailand and Cambodia in ‘Lost Boys’, a dark and controversial film that starts out as a video diary and continues as a murder mystery. Jani and Antti have been in prison for years. When they are released, they travel with their friend Joonas to Thailand to celebrate their freedom in a dark and self-destructive frenzy of sex and hard drugs. Joonas films it all. But it all ends in disaster. He loses touch with the other two in Cambodia, and in a wild twist, he is suddenly trying to solve a murder in the city’s neon-coloured underworld. A raw and violent journey through the night, which paints a blunt picture of drug abuse and mass tourism in South-East Asia. The plot is not the only thing that branches out. ‘Lost Boys’ gets increasingly complex and deep, and without revealing too much, it is the  prostitutes who get to have the final say.