Charlotte Gainsbourg / France / 2021 / 90 min

Charlotte Gainsbourg’s film about her mother Jane Birkin is an intimate mother/daughter story of the rarest kind. A film about life and death, art and love, with two remarkable women in front of the camera.

Charlotte Gainsbourg emerges as a director with a documentary portrait of her mother, the iconic singer and artist Jane Birkin. A film about – and very much with! – a woman whose life has been rich in experiences and adventures to a degree that few can match. But who also had her bumps along the way, not least in her stormy relationship with the equally legendary singer Serge Gainsbourg. We meet two remarkable women, mother and daughter, in a series of intimate conversations about life, art and love. To live is to create, and to create is to live: One understands where Charlotte Gainsbourg’s creative drive comes from when she is in the company of her irresistibly charismatic mother. A cinematic portrait of a unique woman who welcomes us into her countryside home and on her many tours around the world. Poetic, personal and rich with wonder.