Lars Ostenfeld / Denmark, Germany / 2022 / 86 min / World Premiere

A grand, cinematic adventure on the Greenland ice sheet with three leading scientists in search of what the ice can tell us about our climate, our past and possible future. Epic and thought-provoking.

180 metres down in a massive hole in the Greenland ice sheet lies the answer to some of climate science’s biggest mysteries. Three of the world’s leading glaciologists set off on an expedition to seek answers. After all, despite years of research, we still don’t have clear figures on how fast the ice is melting. Although their distinctive personalities could hardly be more different, the three scientists – Alan Hubbard, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen and Jason Box – are each dedicated to understanding the scale of the climate crisis and its implications for the future. Even when it means Hubbard and the film’s director Lars Henrik Ostenfeld themselves have to climb down the enormous hole in a scene that will make one’s head spin. ‘Into the Ice’ is a cinematic adventure on an epic scale with far-reaching implications for how we perceive climate change – and with a very human insight into the fundamental curiosity that drives the world’s best scientists.