50 min

As the closing event of our ART:CINEMA Saturday at SMK, we have invited the resident Norwegian musician and composer to perform live newly composed music for a Japanese art film.

Ingri Høyland (also known as Hôy La) is a Norwegian composer and producer based in Copenhagen, who has collaborated with other CPH:DOX alumni such as Jeppe Lange and Sofie Birch. Like another Laurie Andersson, she moves effortlessly between avant-garde pop, electronic experimentation and soundscapes, tying it all together with her melancholic and poetic vocals that express anxiety, anger and vulnerability. We invited the challenging artist to create newly composed music and perform it live to Shozin Fukui’s 1989 cyber-punk experimental film ‘Caterpillar’. Shot in various industrial environments, the film follows an android and a metallic caterpillar as it stalks the film’s characters. After the concert, there will be a moderated conversation with Ingri about the making of the live score.