Richard Peete, Robert Yapkowtiz / United States / 2020 / 85 min
Nick Cave and Bob Dylan idolise her, but personal struggles and an escape from fame became Karen Dalton’s destiny.

After being married twice and having had two children at the age of 17, she left everything behind, kidnapped her daughter and drove to New York to pursue a dream of becoming a singer. The nomadic life of the folk singer Karen Dalton is the story of a unique voice on the 1960s folk scene, but also of an iron will, broken friendships and fatal drug addiction. Today, there are only a few pictures of Dalton, but the music persists, together with her poems and writings. Her art is the raw material of a beautiful film where the story is told by her old friends and family. Today, a new generation has discovered Karen Dalton and given her the place in music history that she has always deserved.