Liang Zhao / Hong Kong SAR China, Netherlands, France / 2021 / 96 min

Abandoned, radioactive landscapes and the ruins of power plants are possessed by a haunting power in this visually stunning and suggestive work from one of the most significant names in Chinese art cinema.

From Fukushima to Chernobyl and on to the vast rock caverns of Finland, where radioactive waste will be deposited for millennia. Chinese auteur Zhao Liang (‘Behemoth’) has travelled the world to investigate how nuclear power shapes landscapes and the human lives within them. Sparse on dialogue, magnificent and chilling in its majestic images, we are left to wonder whether nuclear energy is the future, or whether nuclear energy sources belong to a failed past. But the scale is staggering, as is the philosophical wingspan of Zhao Liang’s sublime imagery, which dwells on some of the people who continue to work and live in the disaster-stricken areas.