Nanna Rebekka / Denmark / 2022 / 22 min / World Premiere

A rich and detailed mini-portrait of the accomplished painter Jesper Christiansen, who welcomes us into his studio and generously introduces us to his reflections on creating.

Nanna Rebekka’s beautiful analogue film portrait of artist Jesper Christiansen was shot in his home and studio, where the devoted painter shares his thoughts about his work in front of the canvas. Where does it all come from? And what about those damn texts that keep popping up in his mind, eventually finding their way onto the canvas amidst his meticulously detailed motifs of nature and the world around him? ‘How to Do Things with Words’ is a poetic and sensuous, but liberatingly unsentimental and concrete picture of an artist in action. Beautifully depicted on 16mm film, with the same sense of colour and telling detail familiar from Christiansen’s own work.