Orson Welles / United States, Poland / 2020 / 131 min / Danish Premiere
Two of the most charismatic rebels of film art meet for a conversation in LA in 1970. The rediscovered film reels are a sparkling goldmine of thoughts and ideas.

In November 1970, Dennis Hopper and Orson Welles met in LA to discuss film, art, politics and other increasingly weird topics. Luckily, the evening was immortalised on film. Recently, the precious 16-mm film reels in crackling black-and-white were rediscovered. The young rebel and the ageing master are temperamental men with solid attitudes. The electric conversation between them – which takes place with dramatic intensity in a single, smoky room only lit by candles – touches upon a broad range of topics and is surprisingly relevant today. The film presents the old reels in their raw form. The mischievous minimalism is broken when it dawns on us that Welles is ‘in character’.