Valery Rosier, Meryl Fortunat-Rossi / Belgium, France / 2018 / 70 min / International Premiere

Tour de France as a microcosmos in a fun and summer warm feelgood film from the mobile homes in the road sides where the true stars of the Tour are shining.

A wonderful summer film about the real stars of the Tour de France: the spectators who go all in and live in motor homes along the country roads for weeks! Like modern, retirement-age pilgrims, they wait patiently for the magical moment when the riders rush past. In the meantime, they wait and enjoy life in their small microcosm. And this is the life that ‘Holy Tour’ captures with humour, curiosity and a visual style that is part Tati, part Tintin – and to the soothing tones of Ravel’s Bolero. With infectious warmth and anthropological clear-sightedness, the young directing duo Rossi and Rosier depict life in the unique universe, which unfolds in baking sunshine on the few square meters between the road, the precipice and the friends in the neighbouring motor home. They talk about everything from podagra to salami, while they try to catch the best TV signal and are annoyed by the young louts, who meet up on race day and block their view. It’s not about winning, but about being there.