Jacob Kirkegaard / Denmark / 2021 / 37 min / World Premiere

The sound artist Jacob Kirkegaard has travelled thousands of miles from El Paso to Tijuana, along the growing wall that separates Mexico and the United States. A man-made metal membrane that makes its own sounds and whose steel wires sing in the wind as it stretches across the landscape from the desert to the sea. In his meditative video and sound work, Kirkegaard has mounted microphones on and around the wall to understand its dual character as a militant monument and abstraction. Both panoramas and close-ups show us that this, at first sight, deserted area of south-western USA has its own life of light and shadow – and not least sound.

The Green Land
Inuk Silis Høegh / Greenland / 2021 / 34 min / Sneak Premiere

The mountains, the fjords, the ice. Greenland’s vast landscapes give us the impression of being eternal, with humanity being nothing more than a mere temporary guest. But changes are underway, and in his magnificent cinematic opus, the visual artist Inuk Silis Høegh intervenes with his country’s monumental nature to let creation and destruction mirror each other. These are maybe big words, but nothing less does justice to a work that unites film, installation, land art and sound art (with a soundtrack created in close collaboration with Jacob Kirkegaard) in a meditation about the elements and our own volatility. Is the Arctic wilderness only wild because humans can’t control it? Or is it humanity itself that is out of control?