Ben Joseph Andrews / Australia / 2022 / 420 min

‘Gondwana’ is a living virtual rainforest that awakens for 7 hours every day during this year’s film festival. It’s a quiet meditation on time, change and loss in an irreplaceable ecosystem.

Contracting 100 years of climate data into 7 hours, ‘’Gondwana is a constantly-evolving virtual ecosystem that explores the possible futures of the world’s oldest rainforest, the Daintree. Weather, seasons, and biodiversity shift and change as users freely explore a vast map of ancient trees and rare animals. But a broader narrative stirs below: over the 7 hours, the rainforest procedurally degenerates, fed by climate data projections. The only salve to this seemingly inevitable decline is people: the more time an audience spends in ‘Gondwana’, the more resilient the forest becomes.