Cyril Leuthy / France / 2022 / 90 min

In Godard we trust! The story of one of modern cinema’s most influential directors, told in six chapters in the spirit of the director’s own films, with the participation of icons like Anna Karina.

Revolutionary, iconoclast, eternal innovator. Jean-Luc Godard was one of the most radical and restless film directors ever. With a life’s work of over 140 films and videos at his death last year, he was the epitome of an auteur and a modern film artist, even if he did more to critique and deconstruct film history than anyone. Esteemed French film critic Cyril Leuthy has created a portrait in the spirit of Godard, divided into six chapters, each inspired by phases of his life’s work, spanning the 40 years from his breakthrough with ‘Breathless’ in 1960 to his late magnum opus ‘Histoire(s) du cinéma’. With the participation of Godard’s Danish muse, Anna Karina, among others.