Susanne Regina Meures / Switzerland / 2022 / 97 min / World Premiere

A contemporary fairy tale about a 14-year-old influencer from Berlin and her biggest fan. But life as a social media star has a shadow side that the adrenaline, fame and free sneakers can’t make up for.

Likes and followers are hard currency in the new media reality, where the right mix of luck and talent can make you an influencer celebrity from your teenage bedroom. 14-year-old Leonie, better known to her fans as Leoobaly, has succeeded. She lives in Berlin with her parents, who have quit their jobs to boost her daughter’s social media career. Hundreds of miles away, her biggest fan, 13-year-old Melanie, lives and fantasises about Leoobaly’s perfect life. ‘Girl Gang’ is a modern-day adventure of dreams and illusions, of self-perception and of the dark side of social media at a time when 86% of young people have said in a survey that they dream of being influencers. Adrenaline, fame and free sneakers are a seductive combination, even for Leonie’s parents, who remember the hard times of their own upbringing in the former GDR. A film for the times, with a charismatic young woman in the self-chosen lead role.