Alice Rohrwacher, Pietro Marcello, Francesco Munzi / Italy / 2021 / 110 min

Three of the most exciting Italian filmmakers of our time travel the land and interview the young about their dreams and concerns for the future. A snapshot of a time in turmoil, and a time capsule for the future.

How is it going? What do you think of the Italian system? Where will you be in five years? Three of today’s most exciting Italian filmmakers have travelled between country and city, from north to south, for months to ask the country’s teenagers what their hopes are for the future. They talk frankly about their dreams and their worries. On everything from family life, politics and racism to social media and gender identities. And then all of a sudden Corona hits and puts everything on hold. Inspired by Pasolini’s classic documentary ‘Love Meetings’ (1965), ‘Futura’ gives the floor to the young. The result is a generous and curious portrait of a generation, and a time capsule to the future from that tumultuous moment in history we are in the middle of right now.