Robin Petré / Denmark / 2021 / 79 min
The relationship between humans and animals seen from the animals’ perspective – in a film from the European coasts, where volunteers are fighting to save nature.

Swans covered in oil, stranded whales and starving seals with stomachs full of plastic – everyday stuff for the volunteers along the European coasts, who are fighting to help the animals suffering from climate change in the world’s oceans. But Robin Petré’s film is not a sentimental hero epic. On the contrary, it takes the point of view of the animals themselves. The animals fight back, and in the film’s absence of explanatory context, some of the acts almost look like abuse because we as an audience – just like the animals themselves – don’t understand that these humans just want to help. Dilemmas that arise when we are trying to save the animals from ourselves in the Anthropocene era.