Adnane Baraka / Morocco, France / 2022 / 84 min

Cosmic film from the deserts of Morocco, where nomads search for meteorites under the dome of the sky to sell them to science. A profound, existential experience that fills the cinema screen as few other films.

Under the starry dome of heaven, a few lonely figures wander the desert sands, their eyes turned towards the ground. They are looking for meteorites to sell to science. With sparse dialogue and a unique cinematic setting, ‘Fragments from Heaven’ evokes both the absurdity and the defiant, almost transcendental dimension of the quest for the meteorite – and for meaning in human existence – to which these weather-bitten men have dedicated their lives. In a dry and endless ocean of rocks, Mohamed and his fellow nomads search for the gold of the universe which scientist Abderrahmane and his students stand by to investigate. Adnane Baraka’s film is an existential experience on an almost cosmic scale with an ending that will make your head spin.