Kathrine Ravn Kruse / Denmark / 2021 / 75 min / World Premiere
After 9 years apart two refugee brothers are reunited in Denmark. With a clergy couple as close allies, Popal fights not to lose his brother again.

After 9 years apart, the two Afghan refugee brothers, Popal (21) and Darmal (18), are reunited in Denmark. But the two brothers are at very different places in their lives. Popal was granted asylum in Denmark a long time ago and he is a fighter full of dreams for the future. Darmal, on the other hand, has just arrived in Denmark, with a heavy heart and lots of insecurities about his future. When Darmal’s asylum case is rejected, the brothers’ dream of a future together shatters. With a caring pastoral couple, as his closest allies, the ever so resourceful Popal gets hold of a human rights lawyer and goes all in on keeping Darmal above water. But can reality match the brothers’ dream of a future together? And is Darmal still the same brother, he once was so close with? With sibling love as its driving force – and the pastoral couple as mediators when the brothers clash – Kathrine Ravn Kruse’s gripping film is a story about a brother’s struggle not to lose his little brother once again.