Werner Herzog, Clive Oppenheimer / United Kingdom, Austria, United States Minor Outlying Islands / 2020 / 98 min
Werner Herzog is in true form in this captivating world tour in search of comets, narrated with a fabulous zeal by the singular genius himself.

With his eye for curious details and his gift to see cosmic truths in the most unexpected places, Werner Herzog and his travelling companion, the Cambridge professor of volcanology Clive Oppenheimer, set out on a riveting world tour to study meteors – something that makes the intellect of the German filmmaker sparkle. They meet like-minded scientists all over the planet, who all have an eccentric side or two. But their knowledge is staggering. If science is driven by curiosity (and according to Herzog, it is), then this is an invitation to let us be taken to where our knowledge about the world ends.

Presented in collaboration with Bloom.