Vera Krichevskaya / United Kingdom, Germany / 2021 / 104 min

The colourful story of the rise and fall of a Russian TV channel with a nubile party princess at the helm is a gripping media thriller where you never know who is friend or foe.

The incredible story of the independent Russian TV channel Dozhd is the story of a media platform run by a young, champagne-popping party princess who loves colours, parties and free media. With financial capital from her rich husband, and social capital from a life lived in the fast lane, Natasha Sindeeva manages in a few years to establish one of the most important independent news media in Russia. A channel initially accused of being lukewarm, it grows in the face of adversity and ends up becoming one of Putin’s biggest headaches. A fast and entertaining film that provides us with a new and nuanced picture of our grand Eastern neighbour.