Gianluca Matarrese / France / 2022 / 75 min / World Premiere

The fashion world seen from the inside by three insiders, who share their ups and desperate downs with brutal honesty and liberating (self-)irony. A critical, colourful and affectionate report from a Babylon in transition.

When are you ‘inside’ the fashion world? Three professional models and full-time fashion people let us into their lives, dreams and crises with brutal honesty and liberating (self-)irony in an insider’s report from a world where recognition and fame are as fleeting as seasonal trends. Michelle Elie, Casey Spooner and RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Violet Chachki are all at the heart of the seductive, Babylonian chaos of illusion and self-delusion that is the fashion world. But having a Front Row invite to Jean-Paul Gaulter’s farewell show in your pocket doesn’t necessarily mean you can pay the rent the next day. Director Gianluca Matarrese has worked in the fashion industry for years and his film is a critical, colourful and loving portrait of a changing Babylon.