Hubert Sauper / Austria / 2020 / 108 min / Danish Premiere
Hubert Sauper’s visionary film from modern Cuba is a panoramic report from a country with a unique and disruptive history.

Nobody makes films like Hubert Sauper. ‘Epicentro’ is his visionary, cinematic letter in free form from a post-colonial Cuba, which in Sauper’s eyes is the historical epicentre of the three pillars of the modern empire: slavery, colonialism and globalisation. Sauper’s encounters with random people in the streets and alleyways of Havana shape the film along the way. Children, tourists and the elderly who remember the revolution. The fact that he makes friends with both a child and with Chaplin’s granddaughter Oona is entirely in the film’s open-minded and curious spirit. The intellectual wingspan is wide but never out of touch with reality in this unique film.