Sonia Kennebeck / United States / 2020 / 104 min / Danish Premiere
Whistleblower or spy? A stylish and nerve-wracking documentary thriller about a young hacktivist with a plot full of twists to challenge our moral compass.

The DeHart family is a classic conservative and patriotic American family of three. But when the son Matt gets involved in the hacker collective Anonymous, a wild journey into a dark and unknown territory begins, and the authorities are on his heels. Is Matt a spy for the Russians or a hacktivist and innocent scapegoat? Or is the truth different altogether and maybe even more sinister? And what is truth when everyone is acting in their own interests? Sonia Kennebeck – who is also present at CPH:DOX with her new film ‘United States vs. Reality Winner’ in the main competition – solidly challenges our moral compass in her stylish and atmospheric documentary thriller, which is full of highly topical questions, adrenaline kicks and wild twists.