Kiro Russo / Bolivia, France, Qatar, Switzerland / 2021 / 85 min

A Bolivian hybrid of dream and reality, in which a miner in an oxygen-starved metropolis is haunted by nightmares and a shamanistic ritual is the only way out. A supernatural docu-fiction.

Young miner Elder and his colleagues embark on a week-long journey to La Paz to reclaim their jobs. When they arrive in town, Elder suddenly falls short of breath. Are his lungs full of dust or is he suffering from altitude sickness? As he searches for new work, his health deteriorates. The mysterious illness endangers his life, and the only way out is to seek out the wandering witch doctor Max. Director Kiro Russo stages a drama of life and death on the Bolivian ridge, where the thin air slowly dissolves the boundary between dream and reality. ‘El Gran Movimiento’ was deservedly acclaimed at its Venice premiere.