Franz Böhm / Germany, United Kingdom / 2021 / 89 min
Three young female activists in Uganda, Hong Kong and Chile in a united front for the future, in an inflamed film by a merely 21-year-old filmmaker.

Climate crisis, class struggle, democracy. The list of problems that the young people of this planet are going to inherit is long. However, the good news is that very young activists worldwide are willing to change things before it’s too late. In Uganda, Hong Kong and Chile, we meet three young women who are all doing what they can. However, neither they nor the film’s director Franz Böhm (who is 21 years old himself) are blind to how fierce and unfair the fight for a better future actually is, as when Hilda from Uganda visits the C40 summit in Copenhagen and meets a wall of realpolitik behind the big promises of change. But the struggle has only just begun, and ‘Dear Future Children’ is a battle manifesto for future generations written by people who are still young themselves.