David Uzochukwu, Dafe Oboro / Germany, Nigeria / 2022 / 26 min / World Premiere

‘Civil Dusk’ is a film installation about a post-migrant notion of belonging. In a semi-autobiographical narrative, Europe-born artist David Uzochukwu re-assesses his own gaze upon his Nigerian father.

‘Civil Dusk’ is a four channel film installation split into three acts: A concerned voice message and a sandstorm sweep through a German neighborhood. The window of an European family apartment bursts. After cutting himself on the shards, Chijioke, an Igbo father, begins to dream of a house rising in Nigeria. A shared everyday with his wife and children has long dissolved. Amidst domestic silence, he disintegrates. Igbo women commemorate the tradition of Igbo men, no matter where they live, building a house in the family village. They outline a collective architecture of belonging and growth.