Eva Mulvad, Mikala Krogh / Denmark / 40 min

The first episode of a new Danish documentary series about a collapsed tourism industry, depicting the resilience, hope and imperative choices of a business world under historic pressure.

Meet Petter Stordalen. Billionaire, businessman and owner of travel company Spies. Petter has big dreams for his travel group with over 200 hotels, but when the Covid-19 pandemic hits, plans are put on hold and he has to take drastic decisions to save his company and secure some of the employees. ‘Cash’ is a four-part documentary series that explores the travel industry ecosystem from the top of the hierarchy all the way down to a masseur on the beaches of Thailand. Directors Eva Mulvad and Mikala Krogh chart the unpredictable consequences of the pandemic in a globalised world, where the flow of money and the circulation of germs are suddenly linked.