Mads Hedegaard / Denmark / 2021 / 97 min / World Premiere
Can Kim Cannon Arm beat the world record and play arcade games for 100 hours non-stop? A feelgood film about friendships, dreams and high scores.

Kim Cannon Arm is Denmark’s uncrowned king of 1980s arcade games, and a collector of the enormous machines. Together with his friends from the retro club Bip Bip Bar in Copenhagen, he can spend entire evenings playing immortal game classics. But can Kim also keep going for no less than one hundred hours? That is the goal if Kim wants to break the world record. Therefore, he sets out – with tireless support from his gang of faithful friends – to play his way up to the ultimate high score. No sweat! But it takes more than just perseverance and discipline to become a legend. Not least when the score systems of the ancient computer games are almost incomprehensible. Mads Hedegaard’s wonderful film about the nerve-wracking attempt is a charming and funny feelgood film with a warm heart. With its stylish 8-bit retro aesthetics and immortal character gallery, this is a born cult movie from a world of toast bread, canned soft drinks and mullets. And about real friendships, especially when life is hard.