Anrick Bregman, Nicole Paglia, Ove Rishøj Jensen / United Kingdom, Denmark / 2020 / 60 min
Step inside Camp Century and watch a live documentary about the Cold War research base built deep under the ice of Greenland.

‘Camp Century’ is a live documentary, created in Virtual Reality and live streamed, about the strange story of Camp Century, a Cold War research base in Greenland. Camp Century was a military research base with its own nuclear power plant, built deep under the ice of Greenland. The camp was operational from 1959 to 1967 and consisted of 21 tunnels, in total three kilometers long, housing over 100 people. And much of the research conducted at Camp Century remains in use today. Camp Century was abandoned and has been swallowed by the ice decades ago. But as the polar ice melts due to climate change this legacy of the Cold War is coming back to the surface, threatening to reveal its secrets and bringing with it the thorny question of who should be dealing with the nuclear and human waste it generated. Filmed inside of a virtual version of ‘Camp Century’, we will meet people who lived there then or are knowledgeable about Camp Century today – while they explore the base as avatars.

Meet the Artists: Camp Century

How to watch

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How do I experience ‘Camp Century’?
‘Camp Century’ is a live documentary, created in Virtual Reality and live streamed to be watched through a web browser on PC, tablet or mobile device with internet connection. After the live event on April 24 you can explore ‘Camp Century’ in Sansar:

How do I get access?
When buying a ticket you receive a confirmation e-mail. 24 hours before the announced screening date you will receive a direct link to join the event at the scheduled date and time.

Artist Bio

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Anrick Bregman, Director (UK)
Anrick Bregman is an award-winning Immersive Director, who has worked with many organisations such as The Guardian and UNHCR on exploring how technologies like virtual and augmented reality can change storytelling.

Nicole Paglia, Writer (US)
Nicole is a writer/director and BAFTA Rocliffe award winner from Boston, USA. Her film ‘Qaanaaq’ about the local population in northwest Greenland led her to uncover the story of Camp Century in 2009.

Ove Rishøj Jensen, Producer (DK)
Ove Rishøj Jensen is a documentary mentor, consultant, producer, outreach manager and owner of Paradiddle Pictures. Ove has a master in film studies with additional studies in cultural journalism and humanistic computer informatics.