Maria Loohufvud, Love Martinsen / Sweden / 2022 / 83 min

Swedish feel-good hit from Sundance, where a troupe of 60+ female dancers in Florida give their own generation a fresh shot of vitality through colourful dance numbers and irrepressible optimism.

Florida is known as a retiree’s paradise, and in case you were wondering, ‘Calendar Girls’ is gloriously life-affirming and colourful proof that even if you’re past 60, the night is still young, and the dance-loving Calendar Girls travel the sunshine state thin to give their own generation a new lease on life. Their go-getter spirit is infectious in a genuine audience favourite of a feel-good film, yet one that never looks away from the difficult transition from an active working life to one’s second youth. With their pink costumes and flamboyant make-up, the message is clear: enjoy your body, whatever your age. A performative sugar rush of a film, with dance itself as the narrator.