Francesco Montagner / Czech Republic, Italy / 2021 / 97 min

Three young Bosnian brothers are left to run the family farm in the mountains while their fundamentalist father serves two years in prison. An epic about the origins of radicalisation.

The three Bosnian teenage brothers Useir, Usama and Jabir live isolated lives in the lush green Bosnian mountains and handle their sheep under the strict gaze of their Islam-preaching father. But when their father gets a two-year prison sentence for recruiting fighters for Syria, the brothers’ worlds change. The patriarch leaves each of them with a task: to earn money, to go to school, and to look after the family sheep. But the three brothers approach the task and their newfound freedom in very different ways. Epic and with the slow-burning intensity of a John Ford film.Francesco Montagner’s Locarno winner is a great work about the origins of radicalisation and fundamentalism, but in new and unexpected faces and landscapes.