Nina Menkes , Nina Menkes / United States / 2022 / 105 min

Nina Menkes’ performative film talk is an entertaining, yet urgent and timely introduction to critical film theory, with 175 clips from Hollywood classics and cult films. A fresh look at old norms and forms.

How does the language of film shape our norms and attitudes? Not only to the films themselves, but also to the reality they represent? Nina Menkes is a filmmaker herself, and in a performative talk featuring over 175 clips from Hollywood classics and cult films, she deconstructs the many ways in which film creates hierarchies between gender, race and class. And often without anyone noticing. At a time when the role and influence of (film) art is up for review, ‘Brainwashed’ is an entertaining but thorough introduction to critical film theory and practice, so you actually understand what it’s all about. And perhaps discover that you can’t quite watch the same films in the same way anymore.