Flore Vasseur / France / 2021 / 96 min

From Indonesia and Malawi to the USA. Across the globe, young activists are creating a better future than the one they currently face. The good news is that it works – and that they are many.

At the age of 12, Indonesian Melati and her sister forced through a total ban on plastic bags in their home country. And that is not the only good news in ‘Bigger than Us’, in which Melati, now 20, travels the world to meet other young activists in countries like Malawi, Lebanon, Brazil and Uganda. They are working on such diverse (but nonetheless closely related) challenges as climate change, education and press freedom, but their goal is the same: to create change and secure the world’s future. With actor and climate activist Marion Cotillard in the producer’s chair, Flore Vasseur has created a film that bears witness, with infectious energy and optimism, to how young people across the globe are done waiting for the establishment.