Aurélia Rouvier & Seamus Haley / France / 2020 / 82 min
The ultimate film about the mysterious rebel artist who managed to remain incognito in the middle of the public arena he works in.

With the street as his gallery, the British artist Banksy has for over 20 years proven that a brilliant idea can bring stop traffic – and possibly even offer a few moments of resistance in a society defined by dull conformism. Using no other tools than a spray can and a massive arsenal of ideas, the enigmatic rebel has managed to remain unknown to the public, at whom his satirical interventions in the urban space have otherwise been directed. And if you have forgotten just how sharp Banksy is, we are shown both his Greatest Hits (also the self-ironic name of a retrospective exhibition) and entirely new sides of the man behind the monkey mask. And this from a journalist who has developed an almost perfect theory about who he is.