Yuri Ancarani / Italy, France, United States, Qatar / 2021 / 100 min

A visionary docu-fiction from a floating suburb where youngsters pimp their speedboats and race towards a mind-blowing finale in the city’s narrow canals. A delirious, hallucinatory hybrid.

Young Daniele lives in a suburb of Venice (an island, of course), where the other boys live a hedonistic life with women, joints and souped-up speedboats. But like an Italian James Dean, he always feels left out. Driven by a restless energy and a fetishistic relationship with his speedboat, Daniele risks his life to win the respect of his friends and climb the tight hierarchy. Even by director Yuri Ancarani’s own high standards, everything in ‘Atlantide’ is maxed out. In a hallucinatory hybrid form, with the young cast playing loosely fictionalised versions of themselves, the film thunders towards a mind-blowing finale in the narrow canals of Venice.