Samaher Alqadi / Egypt, France, Norway, Palestine, Germany / 2021 / 88 min / International Premiere
The overlooked women’s uprising during the Arab Spring in a reflective film about freedom, motherhood and the director’s own sombre past.

The Arab Spring brought hope for freedom and change. But the second anniversary of the uprising on 25 January 2011, was marred by a series of sexual assaults on Cairo’s Tahrir square, which in turn led large groups of women to gather in the streets in the following days to protest in anger. Filmmaker Samaher Alqadi was there herself with her camera in hand to document the women’s own uprising from the frontlin. But her pregnancy and the shadows of her childhood in Palestine also made her embark on a journey back to her parents’ home in Ramallah while performing an imaginary inner dialogue with her own mother who had passed away. ‘As I Want’ is a reflective but politically hard-edged film about the often overlooked uprising of women during and after the Arab Spring, and about the fight for liberation that may have only just begun.