Jani Sever / Slovenia / 2020 / 86 min / Danish Premiere
Slavoj Žižek’s modern adaptation of Antigone brings the ancient tragedy up to date, with politicians and decision-makers in all roles.

Antigone is the story of power struggles, fratricide and wounded pride. In other words, the ancient tragedy by Sophocles is an immortal topic.  And who could be better to adapt it to our chaotic times than Slavoj Žižek? The Slovenian philosopher and intellectual rock star casts politicians and decision-makers in all roles in his adaptation of the Greek drama and lets it mirror today’s Europe. Is the rebellious Antigone an image of today’s populism or a much-needed rebellion against the system? Žižek and the cast confront the ancient but eternally relevant dilemmas that the story of Antigone continues to place us in.