Justin Staple / United States / 2020 / 73 min / Danish Premiere
Facial tattoos, prescription drug abuse, rebellious punk energy and early death. The story of SoundCloud rap and the world around the music.

It felt as if it came out of nowhere. A new music scene of young rappers with an extravagant, colourful style, drowsy rhymes and hazy beats, which originated from the music platform SoundCloud and took the hip-hop world by storm. The success was huge, but the scandals were even bigger. Overdoses, gun killings, abuse and violent episodes have all become a part of the heavy baggage of the SoundCloud generation. Nonetheless, the young rap stars have retained a huge fan base, who stick to them through thick and thin and identify themselves in their emotional lyrics. A musical youth rebellion with parallels to the breakthrough of punk in the 1970s.