Julie Bezerra Madsen / Denmark, Finland / 2022 / 71 min / World Premiere

What would you like to see if you couldn’t see any more? A blind mother and her seven-year-old son teach each other how to navigate the world as his vision slowly fades and a new life awaits.

When Silas turns seven, it becomes clear that he has inherited his mother’s eye disease, which has left her almost blind. Christina wants to do everything she can to help her young son in his gradual transition to losing his sight – but how? And how do you create a good life for yourself despite your visual impairment? She has tried it herself, and chooses from experience to give him as many unforgettable experiences as possible while he can still see. Together they learn from each other how to navigate a world of people, obstacles and roadblocks. But there’s also a lot of emotional work ahead of them as Silas’ vision slowly fades. And so she tries to prepare him for a new life in which he will have to rely on his other senses, but which is still a life of dance and travel and love. The little things we usually take for granted are given space and attention in Julie Bezerra Madsen’s sensitive and poignant film about a very special kind of mother-son relationship.