Dane Komljen / Serbia, Germany, Spain / 2022 / 93 min

A young couple leave town and camp by a forest lake as the world in and around them gradually transforms. A hauntingly beautiful cinematic work beyond category which dissolves the boundaries between nature and man, self and otherness.

Dane Komljen’s dreamy, enigmatic film is neither documentary nor fiction, but something entirely third and indeterminate. After a day at the library, a young couple – she studies leaves and herbs, he is studying insects and fish – take the train out of town and pitch their tent by a forest lake, where they bathe, read, sleep, eat and make love. But just when you think you know where ‘Afterwater’ is headed, the film changes track and expands its universe. Komljen’s hauntingly beautiful film is a state one is immersed in rather than a logical line in time. Here, even breath has a voice, as nature speaks through us and the self slowly dissolves in an osmotic transition to another form of being. A transcendental adventure and a meditative experience of a very rare, very fine kind.