Esther Elmholt / Denmark / 2022 / 65 min / World Premiere

Four prominent scientists and one artist struggle in their own way to mitigate the man-made mass extinction and understand how humanity’s pursuit of wealth might lead to an ecological collapse.

Of all the Anthropocene crises, the biodiversity crisis is in many ways the most irreversible and worrying. Earth’s species are dying out at such a staggering rate that scientists are now talking about a mass extinction. In ‘After Nature’, four prominent scientists and one artist unfold how humanity’s pursuit of wealth and prosperity has degraded the living conditions of virtually every other species in the world, and how they are fighting to preserve the planet’s biodiversity. We come across explorers of the Enlightenment, pigeons in search of fast food, mechanical birdsong and water buffalo in a marsh near Aarhus. Along the way, thought-provoking reflections on the state of nature and our own role in the crisis make us reconsider our view of nature.