Saeed Taji Farouky / France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Palestine / 2021 / 90 min

In the middle of Myanmar’s oil fields, a couple is working hard to get the petroleum flowing from underground so they can give their wayward son a better future. A critically acclaimed festival hit.

Myanmar delivered one of last year’s most critically acclaimed festival hits with ‘A Thousand Fires’. A film about faith, oil, fortune-tellers, astrology and familial disputes. A small family lives a simple life in a lush rural area, manually extracting oil from underground. Their youngest son is the family’s hope, but he doesn’t want to continue a traditional life in the provinces. Instead, he pulls a shiny polyester football jersey over his head and heads for the city to become a sports star. Generational divisions crystallise in a heartfelt portrayal of everyday life in a time of disruption. From the producer of last year’s CPH:DOX winner ‘The Last Shelter’.