Vincent Kelner / France / 2022 / 89 min / World Premiere

Faroese whalers have hunted pilot whales for centuries, but today international activists are condemning old traditions. A sober look at the dilemmas of a conflict, that might be more complex than it first appers.

Whaling used to be a necessity, but today the world is globalised and you can get everything your heart desires in the supermarket. Yet whales are hunted every year in the fjords of the Faroe Islands, and kilos of meat are distributed among the islanders. The bloody scenes have caused outrage in the international media. With knife in hand, the Faroese point to the hypocrisy of those who condemn whaling but turn a blind eye to the methods of the meat industry. Is it better to eat imported minced meat than whale meat caught in the wild? When the animal activists from Sea Shepherds travel to the Faroe Islands to demonstrate, the conflict erupts into flames. With a sober and perceptive eye for the complex fractures between opposites, director Vincent Kelner covers the conflict without choosing sides. For perhaps there are more than two sides to what appears to be a sharply drawn affair. Tradition, culture, history, identity, sustainability and biodiversity are just some of dilemmas facing the islanders today.