Florent Marcie / France, Iraq, Syria, Malaysia / 2021 / 107 min

What can artificial intelligence tell us about the darkest side of humanity? A philosophical and paradoxical human adventure with a robot as travel companion, and with light in the darkness.

In a paradoxically human and philosophically open-minded film, French director Florent Marcie travels alone to Mosul and Raqqa, and then to Paris during the street battles of the Yellow Vest, with a small robot in his suitcase. The robot learns to talk and (perhaps) think as it is confronted with violence and conflict, and with the human capacity to find bright spots and resilience in the midst of meaninglessness. With a taste for dark humour and a Herzogian willingness to risk his own life to test the most abstract ideas in practice, the sympathetic and open-minded Marcie sets out into the world to find answers, even if it costs him getting hit in the head by a flash ball during a riot.