Maya Albana / Denmark / 2021 / 40 min / World Premiere
The Royal Danish Ballet’s great ballerina is thrown into her life’s greatest dilemma and is forced to reinvent herself, as the retirement age for a solo dancer is 40.

Kizzy Matiakis is 38 years old and at the peak of her profession. She is one of the Royal Danish Ballet’s biggest stars, but like all other ballet dancers, her career ends when she turns 40. With only one season left, Kizzy must find out who she will be when she is no longer the company’s guiding star. She desperately wants to be a mother again, but will her body grant her that wish? Kizzy does not dare wait any longer, even if this means that she might end up bringing forward her retirement. The director Maya Albana follows Kizzy’s final year as a solo dancer in a film about a woman’s struggle not to lose herself in the midst of one of life’s significant changes.