Luca Lucchesi / Germany / 2020 / 92 min / Danish Premiere
In an ancient and idyllic village in Sicily, religious rituals wrestle with modern times in a splendid, baroque debut produced by Wim Wenders.

In Sicily, time came to a standstill at some point in a past century. For why would you change something that is already perfect? Life on the beautiful, sunny island is deeply steeped with traditions. For the people of the village of Siculiana, the traditions are encapsulated in their landmark and source of pride: a black figure of Jesus. But old religious rituals are being broken in newer times in the narrow and dusty streets. In recent years, increasing numbers of African refugees have arrived in the area. Even though the hospitality is large and the local Jesus is black, not everyone is equally enthusiastic. But everyone is given a voice in Luca Lucchesi’s atmospheric debut, which has an eye for the things that unite us instead of those that separate us.