Jon Haukeland / Norway / 2022 / 85 min / International Premiere




A creative portrait of Faroese artist Sigrun Gunnarsdóttir and the mountainous landscapes that inspire her. Warm, colourful and imaginative, just as her paintings have made her the country's most beloved artist.

Marianna Mørkøre, Beinta á Torkilsheyggi / Faroe Islands / 2023 / 58 min / World Premiere



Somewhere between space and the hospital, Mia Engberg creates a deeply personal story about life’s beauty and pain.In beloved and acclaimed films such as the Guldbagge-winning Belleville Baby (GFF 2013) and Lucky One (GFF 2019), Mia Engberg has explored a distinctive cinematic aesthetic. In Hypermoon, her artistry takes on a new resonance when she is diagnosed with breast cancer. For a year, Engberg goes through the disease with camera in hand. Also circulating in the film’s universe are the Soviet cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova and the wild gangster lover Vincent from the early years in Paris, who talks on the phone about how he too is aging and changing. Hypermoon is an achingly beautiful and intensely moving film about the vulnerability of bodies and stories.

Mia Engberg / Sweden / 2023 / 78 min / International Premiere


Just Before Death

Life, death and everything in between. Director Anne Wivel has created a beautiful and life-affirming memoir about the indomitable staff at a Copenhagen hospital and about the last days of her husband's life.

Anne Regitze Wivel / Denmark / 2023 / 73 min / World Premiere



Hanna leaves Sweden and her girlfriend behind to go to San Francisco, where she dreams of exploring her sexuality way beyond what is possible in her small hometown. Together with two experienced sex workers, the professional domina Chloe and the shameless transman Cyd, Hanna embarks on a journey. But her new life is not complete if she can’t include her family back in Sweden. She needs to make a big decision.

Tove Pils / Sweden / 2023 / 95 min / International Premiere


Lynx Man

Juha Suonpää / Finland / 2023 / 80 min / World Premiere


Of Boys and Men (working title)

When I was 6 and he was 13, he started to sexually abuse me. It went on for several years. We never talked about what happened. Not until now.

Anders Skovbjerg Jepsen / Denmark, Sweden / 2023 / 90 min / World Premiere


Soviet Bus Stops

Fascinating road trip through the former Soviet Union in an adventurous hunt for unique, poetic bus stops and their creators.

Kristoffer Hegnsvad / Canada, Denmark / 2023 / 57 min / World Premiere



80-year-old Inger provides a home for society's outsiders in her enormous villa. But when she herself falls ill, the guests in her ramshackle microcosm must learn to send some of the care the other way.

Jella Bethmann / Denmark / 2023 / 85 min / World Premiere


The Gamer

He always comes in second in Counterstrike. But now 17-year-old Finnish super-gamer Verneri wants to be number one with the help of an e-sports psychologist. A shoot 'em up film about self-esteem, ambition and digital dreams.

Petri Luukkainen, Jesse Jokinen / Finland / 2023 / 80 min / World Premiere



Ane Hjort Guttu / Norway / 2023 / 92 min / World Premiere

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