Experience CPH:DOX’s colourful festival palace at Kunsthal Charlottenborg

CPH:DOX 2022 has kicked off and Kunsthal Charlottenborg has been transformed into a magnificent festival palace with interiors from CPH:DOX’s three new partners: &Tradition, Flos and PLEASE WAIT to be SEATED. CPH:DOX’s festival palace is open to the audience who can experience cinemas, an art exhibition, interactive works, debates, parties, industry forums and café lounges until April 3.


Denmark’s largest film festival is back and during the entire festival, the audience can visit Kunsthal Charlottenborg, which has been transformed into a colourful festival palace.

The walls of the exhibition space are wrapped in 1000m2 of colourful textiles and decorated with interiors from the leading designer brands &Tradition, PLEASE WAIT to be SEATED and Flos, which are CPH:DOX’s new partners.

The concept for Kunsthal Charlottenborg is created by the architects Lise Birgens Kristensen and Anne Dorthe Vester, who was inspired by Mark Rothko’s vibrant universe to make the rooms and interiors melt together and create a wholesome experience for the visitors, who will get more than a great film experience when they visit CPH:DOX at Kunsthal Charlottenborg.

“CPH:DOX differs from other documentary film festivals because of the many exciting things that happen around film screenings – and obviously this should reflect in the festival palace. We could easily just place a lot of exquisite furniture in Kunsthal Charlottenborg, but we try to create a different visual experience for the festival’s guests,” says Lise Birgens Kristensen and Anne Dorthe Vester.

Visitors can look forward to experiencing a lounge area covered in pink from floor to ceiling with sofas from &Tradition, a large work consisting of 30 mirrors from PLEASE WAIT to be SEATED and a light installation with lamps by Michael Anastassiades for Flos, among other things. Furthermore, everyone who stops by CPH:DOX’s festival palace can explore two cinemas, a large curated art exhibition, an interactive exhibition, a festival café and several talk and lounge areas.

Everyone is welcome to visit CPH:DOX’s festival palace at Kunsthal Charlottenborg until April 3, 2022. At you can read more about the films and events that take place at Kunsthal Charlottenborg and around the festival’s other venues in Copenhagen

Explore the universe of the three design brands: &Tradition, PLEASE WAIT to be SEATED and Flos, and the architects behind the concept: Lise Birgens Kristensen and Anne Dothe Vester.

See more photos by Benita Marcussen below.