Uffe Elbæk is the political leader of Alernativet and former culture minister. Furthermore he is a Danish social pedagogue, author and entrepreneur. Here he gives his recommendations for the program at CPH:DOX 2017.

Uffe Elbæk recommends…

It is in principle a completely impossible task, to choose three documentary films out of the overwhelming film program at CPH:DOX. Here I have attempted anyway to choose three films that have a story the reflects some of our big challenges, for the whole world – and therefore also for Denmark.

The three films I have chosen take – not suprisingly for those that know me – a stance on either climate changes, the job market of the future, or the refugee crisis. But damn, it is hard to focus on the completely fundamental challenges we all face. And therefore these three films have captured my attention. Because if we don’t solve the climate crisis, then all the other problems mean nothing. And if we don’t find an answer in solidarity on the 4th industrial revolution, then inequality in society will simply explode. And if we turn our back to people fleeing their country, who have we become?


Thank you for The Rain af Julia Dahr

The first film is the climate film ‘Thank you for the Rain’. A deep personal story about the consequences of climate changes seen through the kenyan farmer Kisilu Musyas eyes. The film follows  him from the moment his house is destroyed in a storm, through the starting up of a local grassroots movement of climate affected farmers all the way to COP21 discussions in Paris. A completely piercing story about a stalwart optimist, that fights for a greener world.

Read more about the film here.


Free Lunch Society af Christian Tod

The other film is  ‘Free Lunch Society’. A film that explores the possbilities and challenges in the idea of Minimum Basic Income. A theme that is very current right now and is being discussed intensely by both global business leaders, progressive economists as well as NGO activists. And we get the full package. Also on a more philosophical level: Will income without work make us lazy? Or free? And is Minimum Basic Income maybe the best unified answer to the 4th industrial revolution.

Read more about the film here.


69 minutes of 86 days af Egil Håskjold Larsen

The third and last film is ’69 minutes of 86 days’. The film follows the 3 year old Lean and his family’s journey through Europe. Almost without dialogue and in constant movement we follow the journey from the refuge center in Greece to Uppsala, where their relatives await them. It is an almost physical experience of being on the run and being a small family in the middle of a completely overwhelming, yeah.. unmanageable humanitarian catastrophe.

Read more about the film here.

Uffe Elbæk | Politisk leder af Alternativet