What does artistic autonomy mean in cinema today? Can cinema across genres still act as a medium of personal expression and cultural significance? And how do these translate during a time of increasing awareness around notions of identity, diversity and gender equality in our culture at large? Who is given the platform to tell their story and how? Join curator Vanja Kaludjercic of MUBI to find out on the last day of our conference.

Date: Friday, March 29
Time: 10:00 – 16:00
Location: Social Cinema
Kunsthal Charlottenborg

 The day is curated and hosted by:

Vanja Kaludjercic
Head of Acquisitions

Vanja Kaludjercic works for the curated streaming platform MUBI as Director of Acquisitions. Previously, she was part of the International Film Festival Rotterdam, Holland Film Meeting, Les Arcs European Film Festival, Paris Co-Production Village and worked at Sarajevo Film Festival and CPH:DOX.

10.00 – 10.30

Opening Address

Vanja Kaludjercic
Head of Acquisitions

10:30 – 12:00

Nicolas Winding Refn and Efe Cakarel in Conversation

We are witnessing changes that have fundamental impact on the artistic form of cinema. MUBI’s Efe Cakarel and visionary filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn will discuss artistic autonomy in today’s filmmaking, the ongoing transformation of how content is developed and the plethora of ways the audience consumes it.

Nicolas Winding Refn

Efe Cakarel
CEO & Founder

13:00 – 13:45

First-person Storytelling

In first-person storytelling, form and narrative are inseparable and everything is at stake: identity, vulnerability, the right to self-expression and the confidence to actually pull it off. CPH:DOX 2019 filmmakers Mia Engberg and Mania Akbari will discuss the challenges of personal expression through their works.

Mia Engberg

Mania Akbari

13:45 – 14:30

From Documentary to Fiction

Often the line between fiction and non-fiction in cinema is quite blurred. But how does the choice to create a narrative or follow a documentary format change the way a story is being told? Having worked on both documentary and fiction films, directors Ognjen Glavonic and Soudade Kaadan will share their experiences on these different forms of artistic expression.

Ognjen Glavonic

Soudade Kaadan

14:30 – 16:00

Between Art & Film

The intersection between art and cinema has been one of the most refreshing and innovative in contemporary cinema over the past 10 years. Film festivals have been attracted to contemporary art by its promise of innovation in both aesthetics and narrative; at the same time, museums and art institutions have definitely increased their resources to collect and display  moving image works in the galleries. In between these two practices, new tendencies in criticism have emerged to grasp and evaluate these movements. At the end of a conference day dedicated to artistic freedom and personal expression, we are turning to this field and to filmmakers and artists whose work represent new ways for reality-based cinema to develop in the future.

In conversation with Andrea Lissoni, Senior Curator International Art (Film), Tate Modern

Andrea Lissoni
Senior Curator
International Art (Film)
Tate Modern

Ana Vaz

Eric Hynes
Curator of Film
Museum of the Moving Image

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