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Experience Jacques Greene’s eminent r’n’b and house fusions at VEGA

The canadian DJ and producer plays a concert with spectacular visuals at CPH:DOX

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IRAH & Itasca at CPH:DOX: An atmospheric evening in Absalon

IRAH & Itasca at CPH:DOX: An atmospheric evening in Absalon

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Drittkul: Dance party and triple-disco-dream in Bremen

Come see the Norwegian disco-documentary ‘Northern Disco Lights’ and share your best disco moves during the live concert with Lindstrøm and after party at CPH:DOX’s triple-disco-bang.

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Opening Concert: Animal Collective-siblings perform at CPH:DOX

Discover Avey Tare and Abby Portner in a unique audio-visual performance at Kunsthal Charlottenborg on March 16.

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Legendary Tindersticks give a tribute to timelapse pioneer with exclusive microcosm concert during CPH:DOX

Music lovers, nature lovers, art lovers and sensitive souls - this is simply something you cannot miss.

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CPH:DOX screens the world’s second best rock documentary at Bremen this Saturday

Experience the Scorsese-film ‘The Last Waltz’ with The Band, Bob Dylan & Neil Young - for 50 DKK.

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